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The Food and Nutrition Research Institute, Department of Science and Technology National Nutrition Survey, 1998 (FNRI-DOST) revealed that there is an increasing trend of overweight among adults of both sexes from 1993 to 1998. In 1993, there were about 17 out of 100 adults who were overweight. This figure had increased to 20 out of 100 in 1998. Disaggregating the data by sex, more adult females than males were found to be overweight. In 1993, about 14 out of 100 males while 19 out of 100 females were overweight. The same trend was observed in 1998; about 17 out of 100 males while 23 out 100 females were overweight. Overweight when left unattended could result to obesity, the risk factor to many degenerative diseases like heart diseases, hypertension, and diabetes.

Nowadays, there are lots of reducing pills available in the market and prepared list of foods to be eaten promising magnificent results. These attract a lot of people who want to look slim. Caution however should be considered in taking these pills: consult a doctor.

Nutritionists advise to go natural. Losing weight means eating less food or less high energy containing foods and exercising more. It does not mean starving oneself; everyone has a basic nutritional requirement to meet each day. Rather than going without meals altogether, everyone is encouraged to practice a healthy lifestyle and good nutrition - regular exercise, do not smoke and avoid drinking alcoholic beverages. This is stated in Message # 10 of the Nutritional Guidelines For Filipinos developed by FNRI - DOST.

Maintaining one's proper weight, when attained, is nutritionally preferable to periodic cycles of weight gain and crash dieting to lose weight again.

Those who need to lose weight should:
- Eat less energy-dense foods, especially foods high in fat
- Eat more foods rich in fiber, e.g. fruits, vegetables, and whole grain cereals
- Eat regular meals; constantly going hungry is not the answer
- Drink 6 -8 glasses of water a day
- Drink alcohol moderately (2 bottles of beer per day)
- Exercise regularly to use up energy stores.

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