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The Department of Science and Technology’s Food and Nutrition Research Institute (DOST-FNRI) launched the new Enhanced Nutribun sweet potato variant in a virtual event dubbed as, “Ready, Set, Go! Enhanced Nutribun Sweet Potato” on October 15, 2021.

The DOST-FNRI reformulated the Nutribun of 1970’s to the Enhanced Nutribun squash variant which was launched in July 2020.

The Institute also developed the Enhanced Nutribun carrot variant, launched in April 2021. Both the squash and carrot variants are the immediate response of the Institute to help curb the malnutrition problem among children who were not able to have the school-based and community-based feeding programs during this difficult time of the pandemic. Moreover, the development of the carrot variant offered alternative option when supply of squash as raw material becomes scarce.

And now, the DOST-FNRI proudly launches another variant - the Enhanced Nutribun sweet potato variant.

This new variant is similarly a nutrient-dense bread product supplemented with yellow sweet potato as the raw material to improve its nutrient content.

It is intended for children but can also be enjoyed by all ages.

Similar with the earlier variants, the Enhanced Nutribun sweet potato variant is an excellent source of natural fiber, energy, protein, iron, calcium, potassium, and zinc, has zero trans-fatty acids, and has no cholesterol. Each serving (1 piece/165 g) has 507 calories, 356 milligrams of calcium, 17 grams of protein, 5 milligrams of iron, and 612 micrograms vitamin A.

The Enhanced Nutribun sweet potato has a sweet, delicious, and milky taste. Each bun weighs approximately 165 grams when packed in polyethylene plastic can last up to six (6) days at room temperature.

The development of the Enhanced Nutribun sweet potato variant is part of the continuous efforts of the DOST-FNRI in providing more nutritious and delicious options for supplementary feeding programs.

Also, our farmers can benefit from the additional demand for the raw materials of Enhanced Nutribun such as squash, carrots, and sweet potato.

Currently, there are 151 adoptors of Enhanced Nutribun squash variant, and 101 adoptors of Enhanced Nutribun carrot variant.

The Institute once again calls on prospective technology adoptors, such as bakery companies, community bakeries, and other stakeholders to adopt the Enhanced Nutribun sweet potato variant.

Together, we can help make this nutritious bread more available and affordable nationwide.

Be one of the DOST-FNRI’s partners in the fight against malnutrition to achieve our goal of zero hunger.

Are you interested to become a DOST-FNRI adoptor? Follow the DOST-FNRI technology transfer protocol here:

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