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The COVID-19 pandemic has not only affected the current healthcare system but has also influenced consumer attitudes, lifestyle, and purchasing behaviors. These changes have greatly impacted product development priorities. At the same time, access to relevant and up-to-date information on food, nutrition, health, as well as purchasing behaviors, has been demanding. Thus, now is the perfect time to introduce a more reliable source of information or “intelligence” into these concepts.

As the world continues to journey in the Digital Age, we have relied on the Internet for information. Hence, the public needs access to accurate and appropriate food, nutrition, and health information to help improve one’s health and nutritional status.

The iFNRI is the trusted source of quality and timely food, nutrition and health information in the Philippines. With over four (4) years and counting, the site has more than 2.8 million website users.

The site is home to 6 components namely: iAssess, iServe, iLearn, iBusiness, iPromote and iAdmin.

The harmonized information and communication technology hub of the DOST-FNRI is now updated and is now expanding to serve you better. iTrain is the new addition to the site. Users can now enroll in face-to-face online or offline trainings and watch, learn and enjoy nutrition videos, anytime, anywhere while earning continuing professional development credits with iTrain.

To get to know more of iFNRI’s features and use, join us for a series of webinars and virtually interact with our iFNRI experts in the discussion.

The first leg of the series was last February, but more are to come this March up to May, 2021.

New data, more features, available 24/7 --- iFNRI, your everything site on food and nutrition data and services online.

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