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On September 5-7, 2018, the FNRI Management and selected Technical and Administrative Staff convened once again for the 2019 DOSTFNRI Corporate Planning Workshop. The workshop was held at Kimberly Hotel, Tagaytay City.

Anticipating the major developments in the government’s policies such as the move to end contractualization, this year’s planning workshop focused on making the best use of the minimal financial resources and maximizing manpower complement. Thus the theme “Maximizing Outputs Amidst Minimal REsources” or #MORE.

Director Mario V. Capanzana, in his opening remarks, shared with the participants the significant “first” and “last” scenarios in this year’s workshop. It is the first time that the number of participants was reduced due to budgetary constraints. While it will be the last time for some of the DOST-FNRI officials to participate in the annual activity as they will be retiring by mid-2019. This year’s workshop is the opportune time to reflect how much DOST-FNRI has accomplished. Also for the senior staff to carry on in nurturing and mentoring the millennial staff who will continue to pursue the vision and mission of the agency.

Riding once again in his rocket ship of dreams, Dr. Capanzana said that the eight (8) programs he envisioned have all been accomplished. However, extra efforts are needed to come up with more publications and patents and undertake highly specialized trainings. After consistently maintaining the ISO 9001: 2015 accreditation, the goal to achieve the Philippine Quality Award (PQA) is next. He also wishes that DOST-FNRI will acquire the Bronze accreditation for the Program to Institutionalize Meritocracy and Excellence in Human Resource Management or PRIME-HRM. Further, he looks forward to the construction of the new DOST-FNRI green building that will house the reorganized institute with more than 280 competent and dedicated staff.

Dr. Capanzana recalled the exercises done in the previous planning workshops. The roadmaps, balanced score card and strategic planning models were already put forward but not pursued. He directed that these outputs be polished and consolidated to come up with the DOSTFNRI Strategic Plan, 2017-2022. Alongside the strategic plan, the divisions are also enjoined to review the agency’s vision, mission and core values and its relevance to the current times.

During the first day of the workshop, the different divisions presented their respective 2019 Programs and Projects, the output of their pre-planning workshops. Some of the programs need clustering into bigger and more focused programs. The necessity for contract of service also needs further review. Due to the anticipated reduction of operations funds for projects and with the bigger percentage to be allotted for other personnel services/contractual staff, the Management created an ADHOC committee to come-up with a criteria on prioritizing projects. Ms. Julieta B. Dorado, Supvg. Sc. Res. Specialist of NAMD was designated as chair and the members are composed of division representatives. The group’s output will be presented to the MANCOM and will be pilot-tested in the TECCOM deliberation of the 2019 programs and projects.

Day 2 of the workshop was dedicated to the formulation of the divisions’ Strategic Plan, 2017-2022, Succession Plan and Subject Matter Area Experts Plan. Presentations on a “Drugfree Workplace” and “Gender Focal Point System: A Mechanism to Mainstream Gender in DOST-FNRI’s Programs and Projects” were delivered by Mr. Michael Serafico and Mr. Dexter De Leon, respectively. The presentation of the divisions’ contributions, aspirations and proposed revisions on the DOST-FNRI Vision, Mission and Core Values finished off the second day of the workshop.

The last day of the workshop focused on the presentation of different divisions Strategic Plan, 2017-2022. Some presented their plans in four perspectives described in the Balanced Score Card: Customers, Internal Processes, Learning and Growth and Financial Perspective. The other divisions were requested to revise their outputs. All groups are requested to specifically account and identify their targets and the staff responsible to deliver these commitments.

Concluding the three-day workshop, Ms. Ruby D. Frane, Sr. Sc. Res. Specialist of NFRDD and Ms. Mary Grace M. Dalay, Accountant III of FAD gave their impressions. They are first time participants of the planning workshop. They both expressed their gratitude to the Management for allowing them to be part of the annual exercise. Though their respective divisions have come up with an output, they believe that an analysis of the division’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats or SWOT needs to be done to refine the outputs.

Ms. Teresa S. Mendoza, Planning Officer IV and Officer-in-Charge (OIC) of FAD gave her “parting” speech as this year’s workshop will be her last. She will retire from government service in August 2019. She said that DOST-FNRI is not just a workplace but her second home for 42 years. She thanked the Management for its continued support to the activities of PEU. She also implored the group’s understanding of the FAD staff. As FAD’s OIC, she hopes to further instill among them the sense of dedication, urgency and commitment to their work.

Another “last” for this year’s workshop is the closing remarks of Dr. Ferdinand B. Oamar, DOST-FNRI’s Deputy Director. He too will retire from government service in July 2019. In his closing remarks, Dr. Oamar thanked Dr. Capanzana for his untiring efforts to set the directions for the agency. He was with him when he started this dream and now that the dream is almost completed. He hoped that the younger staff and the future leaders and ”thinktank” of DOST-FNRI will continue what has been started and will do even better. He reminded each one to treat each other as a family and work as a family. He also thanked Ms. Mendoza and the PEU staff for organizing the workshop.

The conduct of DOST-FNRI Corporate Planning Workshop is another milestone activity to continually shape and advance DOST-FNRI’s commitment to fight malnutrition with accurate data, correct information and innovative technologies and continue its pursuit to be a forerunner in food and nutrition research and innovations.


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