Research and Development

  1. Eating Away from Home among Filipino Adults: Association with Nutritional Status and Metabolic Risk Factors
  2. Enhance Multi Nutrient Growth Mix (MGM) to Address Malnutrition among Children
  3. Contribution of Vitamin A-Fortification of Processed Foods to the Status of Vitamin A Deficiency (VAD) in the Philippines
  4. Visual Color Evaluation is More Than What Meets the Eye: Building- Up Competency on Color Analysis using Trained Sensory Panellists
  5. Detection of Salmonella Spp. in Fresh Vegetables Purchased from Wet Markets and Supermarkets using Real-Time PCR
  6. Malnutrition Reduction Program: Monitoring And Process Evaluation of DOST PINOY
  7. The Impact of Fortification in Milk on Iron and Zinc Status and Immunity among Schoolchildren
  8. Assessment of Body Composition of Adolescents (13-18 Years Old) Using Isotope Dilution Technique
  9. The Effect of Momsie on the Nutritional Status of 6-36 Months Old Children
  10. Development of a Ready to Eat Crispy Noodle Strips as Snack Food
  11. Is Philhealth Reaching More Filipinos in 2015?
  12. Discovery of Nutrigenetic Markers Correlated with Vitamin D Nutrition in Different Lifestyle Genes among Adult Respondents of the 2013 National Nutrition Survey
  13. Socio-Demographic Determinants of Teenage Pregnancy in the Philippines
  14. Local Level Food, Health and Nutrition Survey (LFHNS) 2016: A Pilot Survey
  15. Assessment of Selected Food and Nutrition Policies: OPT Revisited, The Case of Abra de Ilog
  16. Smoking and Alcohol Consumption Among 4Ps Members
  17. Methodological Study in the Conduct of Food Stores Survey
  18. The Frequency and Diversity of Potential Gene Markers of Nutrition-Related Diseases Generated from Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Panel Designed by DOST-FNRI
  19. Risk Factors to Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) in the Philippines
  20. Is Food Wastage and Food Procurement Method Associated with Food Security Status among Filipino Households?
  21. What makes Teenagers Fat? Obesity-Associated Factors in Selected Filipino Adolescents
  22. Chasing Ace From Waste: Generation of Technology for the Production of Viable Functional Food Ingredients from Agricultural Wastes
  23. Risk Assessment of Total Aflatoxin (AFT) and Aflatoxin B1 (AFB1) Through Consumption of Corn and Peanuts by Adult Filipinos
  24. Alcohol Consumption and Binge Drinking in the Philippines
  25. 2016 Food Establishment Survey: Are we Moving Towards an Obesogenic Food Environment?
  26. Screening Exposure Assessment of Filipinos to Sodium, Total Sugar, Total Fat, Saturated Fat, Trans Fat, and Cholesterol from Commonly Consumed Food
  27. Quality of Life and its Association with Functional Capacity and Nutritional Status of Community-Dwelling Older Persons in the National Capital Region
  28. Length and Height Measurement Instruments: Out with the Old, In with the New
  29. Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) By 2015: Did Juan Hit the Targets?
  30. How Much Breast Milk do Toddlers Consume? Data from Vitamin A Safety Assessment Study
  31. A Survey on the Meat Processing Sectors in Selected Regions in the Philippines
  32. Food Consumption Practices of Filipinos in Selected Areas in the Philippines and Factors Influencing Such Practices
  33. Household Food Security Status And Its Implication to Meeting the Dietary Diversity Scores (DDS) of Filipino Mothers and Children 6-36 Months Old
  34. Chocolate-Enrobed Pili Bites as Pasalubong
  35. Refinement of the Philippine Food Consumption Data Tools for Country, Regional and Global Dietary Exposure Assessment: Using the Harmonized ASEAN Food Consumption Data Template
  36. Packed Cooked Low Protein Rice: Low Protein Rice for Healthy Kidneys
  37. Shelf Life of Improved Fnri-Developed Nutrient-Rich Complementary Blends and Snack Foods
  38. Association of Breastfeeding Performance Index with the Risk of Illness Among Filipino Children Aged 0-36 Months Old
  39. The Evaluation of the Quality of Life of Non-Dialysed and Hemodialysed Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease After Consumption of Low Protein Rice and Recipes

S&T Category

  1. Provision of Chemical Proficiency Testing Round on Proximate and Mineral Analyses in Milk Powder and Infant Formula
  2. Sustaining, Expansion and Advocacy of the FNRI Technology on Complementary Food Blends in the Regions
  3. Boosting employee productivity and innovation through iFNRI
  4. Development of Food Reference Material for Nutrition Labelling for Use of Local Testing Laboratories
  5. ROUND-THE-CLOCK Access to the FNRI’s Proficiency Testing Programs and Available Reference Materials
  6. Microscale GC Analysis of Cholesterol in Fast Food Dishes, Fresh and Processed Meat, Fish and Poultry Products
  7. Projects Results to Policy Recommendations: Linking to Legislators and Local Chief Executives
  8. Participation of Adults, 18 Years Old and Above in Complete Treatment Pack (COMPACK) Program
  9. COOKING CHALLENGE: A Strategy to Communicate the Principles of Pinggang Pinoy Food Guide
  10. Enhancement of FNRI Service Laboratory Integrated Online System (FNRI-SL IOS)
  11. APEC Journey from International Workshop on Policy Translation to Local Advocacy on Stunting
  12. NUTRITION PRACTICE GUIDELINES (NPGs) New nutrition guide to boost primary care of diet-related diseases
  13. UPDATING OF THE PHILIPPINE FOOD COMPOSITION TABLES: Addition of Cholesterol, Fatty Acid, Beta-Carotene, Retinol and Vitamin A, Retinol Activity Equivalent Data
  14. Philippine Food Composition Tables (PhilFCT) Online Database: Data Updates and Features Enhancement
  15. Development of 2018 FNRI Menu Guide Calendar (MGC): Focusing on energy and nutrient needs of older persons through Pinggang Pinoy
  16. Estimation of Iodine in Selected Commonly Consumed Philippine Vegetables and Aquatic Products
  17. Low Temperature and Low Humidity Drying: An alternative drying method for fruits and vegetables
  18. RMS for RMS: Rice-Mongo-Sesame Complementary Food for Reducing Malnutrition Status of Filipino Infants and Children
  19. Pilot Testing of Webinar site on Food & Nutrition Trainings
  20. Development of Food Composition Database from Pre-packed Label

Graduate Category

  1. Enhancing the Electronic-Data Collection System (e-DCS) for Selected Components of the National Nutrition Survey
  2. Anthropometric indicators and its association with Cardiovascular risk factors among Filipino older adults
  3. Association of Household Food Security Status with Mother/Caregiver-Child Pairs Nutritional Status using three Indicators of Household Food Security

Undergraduate Category

  1. Parasitic Infections, Dietary Adequacy, and Nutritional Status of Young Children from Daycare Centers of Upland Areas in Calamba City, Laguna
  2. Plate Waste among Patients in Selected Private Hospitals
  3. Examining the Relationship of Physical Activity, Dietary Intake, and Measures of Abdominal Fat to Normal Weight Obesity among Filipino Young Adults
  4. Formulation and Characterization of Nutritious Congee from Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA) Rice as Calamity Food
  5. Effects of Incorporation of Microwave – Dried Corn Silk (Stigma maydis) Powder on the Quality and Stability of Beef Patties
  6. Optimization of the Thermal Destruction of Escherichia coli and Vitamin C Retention in Guyabano (Annona muricata) Juice

47th FSS Presentation

Technical Session


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