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36th Seminars Series Abstract

Theme: Pagkaing tamat at sapat, para sa kalusugan ng lahat

Research and Development

  1. Evaluation of Fortified Snack Food Products in Improving the Iron and Calcium Status of 24-78 Month Old Preschool Children
  2. Large Scale Production of Iron Rice Premix (IRP) and Iron Fortified Rice (IFR) for the Market Trial in Orion, Bataan
  3. Market Trial of Iron-Fortified Rice in the Philippines: Orion, Bataan
  4. School-Based Supplementary Feeding Program Utilizing Fortified Juice Drink: Its Effects on Nutritional Status and School Performance
  5. The Effect of High Calcium Fortified Milk Drink on Weight and Physical Activity of Post-Menopausal Women
  6. Glycemix Index of Comonly Consumed Carbohydrate-Rich Foods in the Philippines
  7. Development of Beverage Products from Yacon (Smallanthus sonchifolius)
  8. Methods Validation for Trans Fatty and Acid Using Virgin Coconut Oil and Other Fats and Oils
  9. Bone Strength in Pre-menopausal Women Aged 30-50 Years with Diabetes: A Pilot Study
  10. Dietary Fiber and Mineral Availability of Some Local Potential Functional Foods inthe Philippines
  11. Validation of a Method for Fructooligosaccharides Analysis in Juice
  12. Development of Instant Multi-Blend Noodles with Veggies
  13. Towards Valid and Reliable Nutrition Labels: Provision of Reference Materials (RMS) and Subsequent Conduct of Proficiency Test (PT) Programs
  14. The Marketability of Diet Consult as a Tool for Diet Recommendation
  15. Comparison of Energy Expenditure for Selected Physical Activities of Female Older Persons Using the International Physical Activities of Female Older Persons Using the International Physical Activity Questionnaire, Factorial Method, and Doubly Labeled Water Technique
  16. 2008 Ecological Footprint of the NCR Households: Bridging the Gap Between Nutrition and Environment
  17. Generation of Secondary Database of Food Sources of Folate Consumed by Filipinos
  18. Kineti-Kids Part II: Evaluation of the Use of Workbooks as a Complementary Nutrition Education Strategy in Selected Schools
  19. The 7th National Nutrition Survey: Government Program Participation Survey Component
  20. The 7th National Nutrition Survey: Philippines 2008 Prevalence of Major Risk Factors to Non-Connumicable Diseases
  21. The 7th National Nutrition Survey: Anthropometric Survey Component
  22. The 7th National Nutrition Survey: Biochemical Survey Component - Iron and Iodine Nutriture
  23. The 7th National Nutrition Survey: Food Insecurity Survey Component
  24. Folate Status, Vitamin B6 and Lifestyle Factors of Filipino Women of Childbearing Age Residing in Metro Manila: A Cross-Sectional Study

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