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35th FNRI Seminar Series Abstracts

Theme: Wastong Nutrisyon Kailangan, Lifestyle Diseases Iwasan

Research and Development Projects

  1. Development and Shelf-Life Study of a Ready-to-Fry "Saba" Banana Turon
  2. Nitrite Content and Daily Intakes of Some Commonly Consumed Processed Meats from Selected Sites/Areas in the Philippines
  3. Characterization of Yacon Tubers and Leaves Grown in Two Major Yacon-Producing Areas in the Philippines
  4. A Model Corporate Wellness Program: Development and Evaluation of the FNRI Model
  5. Changes in Bone Mineral Content and Bone Mineral Density Among Filipino Children Fed with Milk
  6. Body Composition of Pre-pubertal Children in Metro Manila
  7. Knowledge, Attitude and Behavior (KAB) of Adolescents on Eating Breakfast in Selected High Schools in Metro Manila
  8. Borg's Category Ratio Scale of Proxy Indicator of Heart Rate Among Filipino Elite Cyclists (A Case Study)
  9. Development and Evaluation of Nutrition Knowledge Measures for Elementary School Children
  10. Effects of Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) on Serum Lipid of Rats (Dose Response Study)
  11. Body Composition of Male Older Persons
  12. 2003 Ecological Footprint of the National Capital Region (NCR) Households: One Step Forward Towards Sustainability - A Pilot Study
  13. Turning the Corner in the Prevention of Vitamin A Deficiency (VAD) in Highly Affected Areas inthe Philippines
  14. Comparison of Food Weighing and Food Recall Methods in Evaluating Food Consumption among Households
  15. Analysis of Anthropometric Survey Data Using the New Child Growth Standards (CGS)

Science and Technology Projects

  1. Development, Printing and Distribution of Information Packages (TEKNOPAKS)
  2. Development of the 2009 Menu Guide Calendar: Complementary Feedingfor Young Children
  3. Development of Technology Manuals for the Production of FNRI Developed Functional Food Products: Carotene-Rich Nectar and Low-Fat Low Sugar Ice Cream

Graduate Students' Thesis/Dissertations

  1. A Process Evaluation of School-based Intervention Program for Healthy Weight Management: Kineti-Kids Program
  2. Estimating the Proportion of Vitamin A Deficiency Among Children Aged 6 months to 5 years

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