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32nd FNRI Seminar Series Abstracts

Theme: Nutrisyon ng Pamayanan, Yaman ng Buong Bayan

Research and Development Projects

  1. The Efficacy of Selected Iron Fortificants in Improving the Iron Status of Schoolchildren
  2. Nutritional and Health Benefits of Rootcrops and Legumes - Study IV: Cholesterol Lowering Effects of Local Rootcrops and Legumes in Humans with Moderately Raised Serum Cholesterol Levels
  3. Iron and Zinc Availability from Brown Rice/Brown Rice-Based Meal and Milled Rice/Milled Rice-Based of the Same Variety
  4. Diet Supplemented with Medium-Chain Triglyceride (MCT) Oil in the Management of Childhood Diarrhea
  5. Development of Noodle and Pasta Products: Iodine-Rich Fresh "Miki" Noodle
  6. Development of Functional Food Products: High-Fiber Sausage
  7. Development of Functional Food Products: Low-Fat Low-Sugar Ice Cream
  8. Translation of the Recommended Energy and Nutrient Intakes (RENIs) 2002 to Foods/Diets/Menu
  9. Assessment of Physical Activity of Some Filipino Schoolchildren, Aged 9-12 Years in Selected Public and Private Schools in Metro Manila
  10. Assessment of Body Image Satisfaction and its Correlates Among urban Filipino Women
  11. Availability, Accessibility and Perception of Nutrition Programs Among Selected Urban Poor and Indigenous Upland Farming Households
  12. Retention of Iodine in Selected Cooked Food Seasoned with Iodized Salt
  13. Technology Diffusion of Ready-to-Serve Ethnic Food Mixes: Phase I-Product Innovation

Other Science and Technology Projects

  1. Applicability of Proposed Asian and WHO Anthropometric Cut-off Points for the Assessment of Overweight and Obesity Among Filipino Adults
  2. Dietary Changes and Their Health Implications in the Philippines: Is a Malanutrition Double Burden Emerging?
  3. Reliability of National and Regional Estimates of Nutritional Status of Population Groups and Household Food Consumption: Philippines 2003
  4. Food Poverty Estimates in the Philippines using the 2003 Food Consumption Data
  5. Socio-Economic Determinants of Household Food Insecurity

Graduate Students' Thesis/Dissertations

  1. Analysis of Communication Aspects of Knowledge Management in a National S&T Institution
  2. The Application of Hazard Analysis and Control Points (HACCP) in Blenderized Feeding in a Hospital Food Service
  3. Validation of Two Dietary Assessment Methods Against Energy Expenditure by PAL Approach Among Selected Primary Schoolchildren
  4. Assessment of Body Image, Nutrient Intake and Body Mass Index of Selected Adolescent Female Students at the University of the Philippines, Los banos (UPLB)
  5. Development of High-Fiber Cookies Enriched with Anti-oxidants


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