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30th FNRI Seminar Series Abstracts

Theme: Food and Nutrition Researches: Bridging the Gap between Policies and Programs thru Nutrition Information

Research and Development Projects

  1. Assessment of Physical Activity of a Group of Filipino Adults Using a Questionnaire
  2. Validity of a Self-Administered Questionnaire to Assess Physical Activity of Some Filipino Adults
  3. Development of Functional Foods: Low-Fat Ice Cream
  4. Mineral Availability from Local Rootcrops & Legumes
  5. Nutritional Profile of Some Filipino Menopausal Women
  6. Validation on the Use of Arm Span and Knee Height as Proxy Indicators for Height Among Normal and Mobility-Impaired Children
  7. Development of Instant Spaghetti Noodles with Seaweeds
  8. Development of Cantoon Noodles with Seaweeds
  9. Stability of Vitamin A-Fortified Table Sugar in Simulated Market Condtions ("takal" systems) in the Philippines
  10. Evaluation of the National Milk Feeding Program in the Three Provinces of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Phase I. Community-Based Milk Feeding Program
  11. Glycemic Index of Local Rootcrops and Legumes in Normal and Diabetic Subjects
  12. The Effect of Egg Consumption of Lipid Profile among Selected 30-60 Year Old Filpino Adults
  13. The Co-Existence of Dual Forms of Malnutrition in Selected Filipino Families in an Urban-Rich Community
  14. Dietary Fiber Composition and Fermentability Characteristics of Rootcrops and Legumes
  15. Analysis of FNRI 1993 FCS and NSO 2000 FIES Data of Food Poverty Estimation
  16. Analysis of Food Poverty Line in the Philippines Using the 1993 NNS and the 2000 FIES
  17. Estimating Food Threshold and Poverty Incidence Using Food Basket from All Income Groups vs. the Bottom 30% Income Group

Other Science and Technology Projects

  1. Nutritional Status of Rural Households in the Philippines by GIS
  2. Household Food Insecurity in the Philippines
  3. Development of a Recipe Handbook Utilizing Locally-Available Vegetables
  4. Technology Improvement of the Lahar Minicolumn Field Test Kit for Aflatoxin in Food and Feed Corn for Kit Commercialization

Graduate Students' Thesis/Dissertations

  1. Optimization of the Processing Parameters for the Production of Flour from Coconut Residue Using Response Surface Methodology
  2. A Study of FNRI-DOST's Website as a Communication Tool for Promoting Food and Nutrition
  3. Nutrient Adequacy of Complementary Diet in Cebu, Philippines and Laboratory Evaluation of Household Methods for Their Improvement
  4. Influence of Gender of Household Head on the Nutritional Status of Preschoolers in Iloilo City
  5. The Influence of Sangkap Pinoy Seal Program on the Purchasing Behavior of Mothers/Caregivers in the Elimination of Micronutrient Deficiency among Preschoolers of Pasig City, Philippines
  6. The Effect of Dietary Fiber on Protein Digestion and Utilization from Processed Rice and Mungbean in Rats

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