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29th FNRI Seminar Series Abstracts

Theme: Strengthening Policies and Programs through F&N Researches and S&T Activities

Research and Development Projects

  1. Development of Instant Saluyot Noodles
  2. Development of B-Carotene-Rich Juice
  3. Assessment of Functional Properties of Cereals, Rootcrops and Legumes
  4. Pilot Scale Production of High-Fiber Cookies
  5. Pilot Scale Production of Compressed Food
  6. Retention of Vitamin A, Iron and Iodine in Fortified "Bihon" Noodle
  7. Retention of Vitamin A, Iron and Iodine in Fortified Soy Sauce
  8. Retention of Essential Nutrients in Fortified Carbonated Beverages
  9. The Effectiveness of Multiple Fortification of Sangkap Pinoy Seal Instant Noodles
  10. Motivating Factors to Breastfeeding Decision-Making After Maternity Leave Among Urban Working Mothers in Government Workplaces
  11. The Nutritional Status of Streetchildren: Why Some are Nutritionally Well-Off or Worst-Off
  12. Correlation Analysis of the 1998 National Biochemical Nutrition Survey Data on Children
  13. Assessment of Folate Status of Some Filipino Pregnant Women
  14. Physical Activity Levels (PALs) of Some Filipino Adults from Different Occupational Groups
  15. Association of Selected Anthropometric Measurements of Overweight and Obesity with Risk to Hypertension and Dyslipidemia
  16. Determinants of Micronutrient Status of 0-5 Year-Old Children and Pregnant and Lactating Women
  17. Iodine Status Among Schoolchildren in Three Topographical Areas in the Bicol Region
  18. Urinary Calcium Excretion Among 0-5 Year Old Filipino Children, Pregnant and Lactating Mothers
  19. The Effect of Vitamin A-Fortified Cooking Oil Intake on the Serum Retinol Level of Children, 4 to 6 Years Old
  20. The Impact of the National Vitamin A Supplementation Program on Sub-clinical Vitamin A Deficiency in Pre-school Children in the Philippines
  21. Cholesterol-Lowering Effect of Coconut Flakes in Human with Moderately-Raised Serum Cholesterol
  22. Knowledge, Attitude and Practices Towards Healthy Lifestyle of Schoolchildren in Manila

Other Science and Technology Projects

  1. 2001 Updating of Nutritional Status of Filipino Children at the Regional Level
  2. The Review and Revision of the 1989 Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA) for Filipinos: The Process
  3. Application Software for Priority Food and Nutrition Technologies and Information for Technology Transfer and Promotion: "FCT + Menu Eval Software"
  4. Effectiveness of a Nutrition Education Intervention Among Mothers in Selected Communities in Surigao del Sur
  5. Food-based Livelihood for the Production of Nutritional Food Products for the Communities in Quezon Province
  6. Towards Upgrading the Streetfood Vending System in Taguig, Metro Manila
  7. Urban and Rural Community Model of a Food-Based Livelihood for the Malnourished Children in CARAGA, CAR and Bicol Regions
  8. Development of a Culture-Responsive Manual of Recommendations on Food and Nutrition Management During Disasters
  9. Supplementary Feeding as an S&T Intervention in an Urban Setting: Bagong Silang, Caloocan City
  10. Coping Behavior Towards Food Security of Households in Marginalized Philippine Communities
  11. Development of a Prototype Handbook on Recipes for Older Persons
  12. The Sentinel Sites Approaches for Assessing the Impact of the Philippine's Food Fortification Program, Phase I. Development of Tools and Protocol

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