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28th FNRI Seminar Series Abstracts

Theme: Pagkain at Paglaki ay Bantayan Upang Wastong Nutrisyon ay Kamtan

Completed Researches-Nutrition-Related Researches

  1. Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices on Food and Nutrition Among School Children, Mothers/Caregivers of 1-5 Year-Old Children, Pregnant and Lactating Women in Selected Philippine Barangays
  2. The Usual Diet and Consumption of Fortified Foods in Selected Areas in the Philippines
  3. Community and Market Availability Survey
  4. Baseline Nutrition Survey in Early Childhood Development (ECD) Provinces: Anthropometry (Children, 0-83 Months; Pregnant and Lactating Women)
  5. Baseline Nutrition Survey in Early Childhood Development (ECD) Provinces: Awareness and Usage of Fortified Foods and Iodized Salt
  6. Baseline Nutrition Survey in Early Childhood Development (ECD) Provinces: Biochemical Findings
  7. Baseline Nutrition Survey in Early Childhood Development (ECD) Provinces: Clinical Observations
  8. Nutrition and Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Bicol Region
  9. Glycemic Index of Coconut Flour Products in Normal and Diabetic Subjects
  10. Validation of Risk Score to Osteoporosis
  11. The Effect of Calcium Nutriture on the Development of Osteoporosis Among Filipino Adults
  12. Prevalence of Metabolic Syndrome Among Filipino Adults, Aged 20 Years & Over
  13. Adoption of IRS Growth Tables and Charts for Use in the Philippines
  14. Over and Undernutrition among Mother-Child Pairs in Selected Households in District I, Tondo, Metro Manila
  15. Perceptions of Nutrition Workers and Students on Communication-Related Issues on the Nutritional Guidelines for Filipinos (NGF)

Completed Researches-Food Technology-Related Researches

  1. Packaging and Shelf-life Studies of High-Fiber Cookies
  2. Consumer Survey of FNRI-Developed Fortified Products: Tubig Talino and Vita Sugar
  3. Stability of Iodine-Rich Drinking Water (Tubig Talino)
  4. Development of Beta-Carotene-Rich Juice
  5. Development of Functional Food Products from Soybeans
  6. Development and Printing of IEC Materials on Food and Nutrition: Menu Guide Calendar 2001 and 2002
  7. Establishment of the Food Analytical Service Laboratory Quality System Towards ISO/IEC Guide 25 Accreditation
  8. Upgrading of DOST Regional Food Microbiology Laboratories

Graduate Thesis Project

  1. Vitamin A Supplementation and Acute Respiratory Infections Among 2 to 4 Year-Old Children: Exploring the Universal Approach as Nutrition Policy Option
  2. Participation in Nutrition and Nutrition-Related Interventions, Nutrient Adequacy and Nutritional Status of Pre-schoolers in Los Banos, Laguna, Philippines
  3. An Exploratory Study of Iodine Deficiency Disorders: A Public Health Problem in Baan Bon Khoa Kang-Rieng Sri Sawat, Kanchanaburi, Thailand
  4. Dietary Patterns and Nutritional Status of 1 to 6 Year-Old Children from Cagayan Valley and Eastern Visayas Regions, Philippines
  5. A Statistical Approach for Developing Food Security Indicators in Selected Regions in the Philippines
  6. Savouring Change: An Exploration into Food and Body Among Adolescents in Northeast Thailand

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