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40th FNRI Seminar Series Abstract

Theme: Kalamidad Paghandaan: Gutom at Malnutrisyon Agapan!

Program Addressing Nutritional Concern: Micronutrient Malnutrition
1.Multi-Nutrient Extruded Rice Kernel: Potential for Improving Micronutrient Intake for Iron and Zinc

Program Addressing Nutritional Concern: Macronutrient Malnutrition
2.The First 1000 Days Windows of Opportunity: Palawan
3.Roll-Out of FNRI Complementary Blends and Snack Foods to Various Stakeholders
4.Malnutrition Reduction Thru DOST PINOY Strategy
5.The Contribution of School Lunch on Actual Energy and Nutrient Intakes among Selected Filipino High School Students
6.Local Development and Production of Fortified Complementary Food

Program Addressing Nutritional Concern: Normal Nutrition and Nutrition-Related Diseases
7.Lactogenic Effect of Moringa Oleifera (Malunggay) Supplements"
8.The Efficacy of Malunggay Leaves Sprinkle in Improving the Iron Vitamin A,B vitamins and Calcium Status of 8-10 Years Old School Children
9.Shelf-Life Study Of An Extruded Frozen Ready-To-Fry Sweet Potato Fries
10.Development of Food Products from Dragon Fruits

Program Addressing Nutritional Concern: Over-Nutrition / NCDS
R&D Programs on Nutrigenomics
11.The Effects of Milk Powder with Fiber and Probiotics on Digestive Habits and General Well-being of Selected Filipino Mothers
12.Positioning of the Nutrigenomics Laboratory Quality Management for ISO Accreditation: Phase I: QMS Documentation following ISO 17025 Standards
13.Evaluation of the Association of FTO rs9939609 to Body Mass Index (BMI) Physical Inactivity and Dietary Intake

Program Addressing Nutritional Concern
R&D Programs on Brown Rice
14.SNP Frequencies in SLCNA2, HFE, TMPRSSG, and IF and their Association with the Indicators of Blood Iron Status and Concentration in Pregnant Filipino Women
15.R&D Program for Brown Rice (Oryza Sativa L.) Optimization, Functionaliy, and Utilization in the Philippines - Project 3: Development of Alternative Drying Process for the Production of the Stabilized Brown Rice for Commercialization
16.R&D Program for Brown Rice (Oryza Sativa L.) Optimizatioin, Functionality, and Utilization in the Philippines - Project 4: Utilization of Brown Rice in the Production of Potential Functional Food Products
17.Utilization of Brown Rice in the Production of Recipes
18.Characterization of Flour from Locally-Grown Agricultural Crops: Brown Rice and Germinated Brown Rice
19.Phytic Acid Profile (IP3, IP4, IP5, IP6) of Different Varieties of Brown Rice

R&D Programs on Food Quality and Safety
20.Proficiency Testing on Proximates and Minerals in Milk Powder

Development Tools and Standards
21.Development of the 2014 FNRI Menu Guide Calendar: Your Guide to Supplementary Feeding for Children
22.Review and Revision of the Nutritional Guidelines for Filipinos

In-Depth Studies and Correlation Studies
23.Waist-Height Ratio: A New Obesity Index for Filipino
24.Construct Validity of an Adapted Radimer/Cornell Measure of Food Insecurity in the Philippines
25.Quality of Food Intake Using Dietary Diversity Score and its Association with the Nutritional Status of Filipino Children, 6-23 months
26.Predictors of Optimal Feeding Practices of Infants and Young Children in the Philippines
27.Predictors of Anemia among Non-pregnant and Non-lactating Women of Reproductive Age
28.Interplay of Immunization, Low Birth weight and Feeding Practices on Nutritional Status and Anemia Prevalence Among Young Children 6-23 Months old
29.The Nutritional Health Status of Filipino Adults and Elderly Who are At-Risk to Osteoporosis
30.The Association of Lifestyle-Related Risk Factors to Metabolic Syndrome among Filipino Adults, 20 Years Old and Over
31.Anthropometric Status of Children 0-5 years by Wealth Quintile
32.Household Plate Waste Among Filipino Households and It's Socioeconomic Characteristics
33.Dietary Intake & Nutritional Status of Adults w/ Metabolic Syndrome

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