39th Seminar Series

Theme: S&T based Solutions: Tugon sa Gutom at Malnutrisyon

1. Retention Of Micronutrients In Extruded Rice Kernel
2. Effects Of Prenatal Micronutrient Supplementation On Breast Milk Retinol And Minerals (Fe, Zn) among some Filipino Women
3. Modelling The Commercialization Of Iron-Fortifiedrice In Selected Districts Of Zambales: A Result Of Techno-Transfer
4. Socio-Economic, Anthropometric And Clinical Parameters As Predictors Of Low Hemoglobin Levels: A Study Among School Children In Quezon City, Metro Manila Philippines
5. Urinary Iodine Excretion Is Associated to the Physiological Status Of Filipino Women
6. S&T Based Intervention To Address Malnutrition: Production & Technology Transfer Of Fnri-Developed Complementary / Snack Foods
7. Development Of A Model For Dost Pinoy (ckage For The Improvement Of Nutrition Of Young Children): A Nutrition Intervention Strategy
8. Technology Generation For The Production Of Multi-Nutrient Growth Mix (Mgm)
9. Utilization Of Local Crops In The Production of Multi-Nutrient Growth Mix
10. Identification Of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (Snps) with Cdkn2a/2b And Atp2b1 Genes Among Filipino Adults
11. Association Of CDKN2a/2B and ATP2B1 Variants With Dietary Intake And Clinical Profile Of Filipino Adults In Ilocos, Bicol And Metro Manila
12. Validation Of A Real-Time Pcr Method For Analysis Of A Known Genetic Marker Of Hypertension Among Filipino Adults
13. Optimization of the Processing Parameters for the Improvement of Shelf-Life of Brown Rice
14. Mineral Availability, Dietary Fiber And Fermentability Characteristics Of Optimized Brown Rice
15. Characterization Of Coconut Sap Sugar And Syrup as Functional Food
16. Dietary Fiber Composition And Fermentability Characteristics Of Malunggay Leaves
17. Bioavailability Of Iron, Zinc And Calcium From Malunggay Leaves And Fruit: An In Vitro Assessment
18. Changes In Glucose And Lipid Profile After Consumption Of Malunggay Leaves Products In Humans With Moderately Raised Serum Cholesterol Levels
19. Growth Of Infants Fed With Breastmilk Or Artificial Milk From Birth To Six Months
20. Beverage Consumption Among Filipinos: The 7th National Nutrition Survey (Nns) Results
21. Physical Activity, Nutritional Status And Academic Performance Of Selected School Children In Manila
22. Development Of A Technology For An Extruded Frozen Ready-To-Fry Sweet Potato Fries
23. Food And Nutrition Researches Towards Policy Development: Strenghthening Capacity For Policy Translation And Advocacy
24. Backyard Vegetable Gardening Program Towards Hunger Mitigation And Dietary Modification: Evaluation Of Backyard Vegetable Gardening In Selected Food Poor Areas In The Philippines
25. Determination Of Enzymes Activity As A Quality Control Tool In Brown Rice Processing
26. Development And Harmonization Of A National Food Consumption Database For Dietary Exposure Assessment
27. Development And Validation Of Reverse-Phase High Performance Liquid Chromatography (Rp-Hplc) Method Of Analysis For The Determination Of Folic Acid In Fortified Foods
28. Method Validation Of Heavy Metal (As, Cd, Hg And Pb) Analysis In Seafood And Products
29. Exposure Of Filipino Children And Teenagers to Artificial Sweeteners In Commonly Consumed Beverages
30. ISO /IEC 17043:2010 Accreditation As Proficiency Test (Pt) Provider For Credibility Improvement And International Recognition Of Fnri Pt Program
31. Development Of 2013 Fnri Menu Guide Calendar Featuring Brown Rice RecipesFeaturing Brown Rice Recipes
32. Nutritional Status Of Filipinos in 2011

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