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As we move forward in this technological age of the Internet where information has become very important, the Food and Nutrition Research Institute, Department of Science and Technology (FNRI-DOST) has continually upgraded its website to keep in step with the fast paced information age.

The FNRI Homepage is the public's virtual doorway to our Institute. This website presents the historical background, mandates, objectives, thrusts, programs and projects and the organizational structure of FNRI. More importantly, it is the venue to disseminate the Institute's latest research and development (R&D) results. The Institute continually posts news and articles about our researches and new food products on the website.

 One of the mandates of the FNRI is defining the Filipino's nutritional status. Through our site, the latest data from the 6th National Nutrition Survey conducted in 2003 is readily available. It also shows data the Philippine food and nutrient consumption, the adequacy of their diet and nutrition condition of our country. This is vital in the formulation of nutrition development plans, and monitoring and evaluation of nutrition intervention development programs.

The FNRI website can serve as a vital tool in dietary management. A searcher can gain access to standards and tools formulated by the Institute such as the anthropometric tables and growth charts for Filipino children, the Philippine Recommended Energy and Nutrient Intake (RENI), and the Philippine Food Composition Tables, among others. The site also contains the recommended nutritional guidelines and dietary tools for the prevention and control of nutrition-related diseases like hypertension, diabetes and kidney diseases.

Also featured are the descriptions of FNRI innovative technologies and new food products for the international and local markets. The development of new nutritious food products is aimed at helping improve the quality and quantity of the nutrient intakes of the Filipino.

Let the FNRI Homepage be your information pipeline for food and nutrition and your guide in helping you be fit and healthy. Visit and explore our homepage and see how the Institute can help you in fighting malnutrition.

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