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The DOST-FNRI in collaboration with East-West Seed Company, Inc. (EWSC) is undertaking the Project Oh My Gulay! sa FNRI to address the declining consumption of fruits and vegetables.
Based on the results of FNRI consumption survey data, vegetable intake of Filipinos has been declining from 1978 to 1993 and slightly increasing from 2003 to 2013. The consumption of Filipinos for vegetables increased by four grams only, from 110 grams per capita per day in 2008 to 114 grams per capita per day in 2013.

The project applies a two-pronged approach consisting of urban edible gardening (demo farm) and nutrition information campaign among selected schoolchildren of Bulacan.
To showcase the concept of urban gardening, an edible garden is being set up in front of FNRI Building, near DOST gate 2. Different varieties of fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, eggplants, sweet pepper, hot pepper, bitter gourd, bottle gourd, radish, patola and papaya will be grown in the garden. The edible garden will be launched with a Harvest Day on July 6, 2017 as one of the highlights of 70th FNRI Anniversary Celebration. Other harvest days for the edible garden will also be organized and managed. The garden produce will be sold to interested FNRI-DOST employees and other DOST employees at prevailing market prices.

To sustain the garden, a training-workshop on vegetable production was conducted by East-West Seed Foundation on May 23-24, 2017 among 38 FNRI employees at the FNRI Training Room. Topics discussed during the two-day training workshop included Vegetable Production: Risk and Opportunities, Seedling to Seedling

Management, Introduction to Cultural Management & Practices, Integrated Pest Management: Introduction and Common Insect Pests, and Harvesting and Record-Keeping. Aside from lecture, the best part of the training-workshop was the hands-on field preparation, field layout, bed preparation, plastic mulch installation, hole punching, transplanting of eggplant, trellising, and watering. The participants enjoyed the hands-on activity. This training-workshop is a capacity building on vegetable production which will empower FNRI volunteer staff to continuously grow and harvest vegetables through reliable and scientific practices.
Let the Oh My Gulay! sa FNRI inspire you to practice urban vegetable gardening in your place and enjoy your own produce of fresh and nutritious vegetables.

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